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Time to take control of your skin! If you have combination or oily skin this bundle is just for you! Our Heal and Slay Bundle comes with our: Even Remedy Cleanser, Blemish Eliminating Toner Reviving Rosé Serum. With the option to add on our Whipped Turmeric Scrub! This bundle gives you many active ingredients to help decrease the overproduction of sebum and rejuvenating your pores to a normal state. Heal you skin completely by saying good riddance to hyperpigmentation, scarring, acne marks, uneven tone, enlarged pores and oiliness! 

Shelf Life: (Listed separately under each product along with ingredients)

*Our Reviving Rosé Serum contains almond oil. If you have a nut allergy please avoid. Please test on a small area of skin before using on face*

Directions: Incorporate into your facial care routine or use as your own regimen. Best to use daily to see results quickly!


 Reduce dark spots/ hyperpigmentation 

•Clear up acne and/or breakouts

•Even your skin tone

•Balance your skin it its natural pH

•Gives you an overall glow!

•Adds hydration, moisture and protection

•Promoted self care routine!


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